What is the Premium Virtual Tour?

Date Online: 2022-12-13

This article explains the features of the Premium Virtual Tour and the difference between Premium Virtual Tour and our free Virtual Tour.

 The Premium Virtual Tour is a $25 upgraded version of our free Virtual Tour. 


What is the difference between the free Virtual Tour and the Premium Virtual Tour? 

IMOTO's free virtual tour includes a link to a portfolio of your listing as well as photos, floor plans, video, map of listing location, the agent's info and property details. The Premium Virtual Tour comes with exclusive features and analytics that showcase your listing as a portfolio as well. The Premium Virtual Tour has all the free Virtual Tour features PLUS image sorting, a contact form, visitor stats, a full screen gallery, option for an extra agent, a unique website portofolio look as well as options for sharing on social media via Facebook, Instagram or SMS and Email. 


What is the difference between branded and unbranded Premium Virtual Tours? 

The branded version of the Premium Virtual Tour includes all the agent information while the unbranded version does not include agent information. 


The Premium Virtual Tour includes the following:

  • Sortable images
  • Click statistics
  • Full screen gallery
  • Contact form
  • Additional Agent information
  • Email sharing
  • Text sharing
  • Social media sharing 

PLUS the free Virtual Tour features:

  • A link
  • Editable property details
  • Products
  • Agent information
  • Map

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