What Drone Products Does IMOTO Offer?

Date Online: 2022-10-05

IMOTO has 3 drone products: Drone Photos, Drone Videos and the Aerial + Interior Video.

IMOTO has 3 drone products designed to help you bring your marketing to new levels.

  1. Drone photography
  2. Drone videos
  3. Aerial + Interior video.

Please note that some properties are ineligible for drone photography and video due to FAA restrictions. If you are unsure if your property is eligible for drone photography, please contact our customer service team.

1. Drone Photos

IMOTO's drone photography is shot using top-of-the-line drones to produce high-resolution aerial images. This product is great for properties that have unique exterior features or are located on/near lakes, parks, community pools etc. 

Cost: Starting at $200 (see price list for specific market pricing)

Example Drone Photography: