What are Photo Add-Ons?

Date Online: 2022-12-13

Boost your Marketing with IMOTO's Photo Add-Ons.

IMOTO has several options for Photo Add-Ons for your photo shoot. You can choose from the following: Virtual Twilight, Virtual Staging, Social Media Package, Premium Virtual Tour, Listing Teaser and Facebook Marketing. Any of these products will help boost your marketing and social media presence! 

How to Order Photo Add-Ons 

A IMOTO photo shoot is required before you order Photo Add-Ons. IMOTO takes the photos from your shoot and transforms them into enhanced marketing tools. Photo Add-Ons can be ordered at the time of the shoot or afterwards.

Virtual Twilight 

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IMOTO's Virtual Twilight product transforms your listing photo's to a Twilight shot virtually without the need and extra cost of the regular Twilight photo shoot.

Virtual Staging 

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IMOTO's Virtual Staging is perfect for vacant homes or anyone looking up to spruce up a few rooms in their listing! Choose from all different kinds of furniture styles and home designs for the perfect virtually staged home. 

Social Media Package 

Our Social Media Package comes with 5 components: Slideshow Video, Motion Photo, Photo with Overlay text, Color Transformation photo and "Swipe" panorama photo.

Premium Virtual Tour 

The Premium Virtual Tour product is a fancy looking portfolio for your listing and all of the details - photos, marketing products, listing address, square footage, # of beds and baths and more! 

Listing Teaser 

IMOTO's Listing Teaser is a 30-second slideshow video containing 12 photos from your listing's photo shoot. The video is set to music and includes the street address, square footage, # of bedrooms and bathrooms of the listing. 

Facebook Marketing 

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Our Facebook Marketing Ads include a stunning carousel of photos or video ad that runs through Facebook and Instagram through our IMOTO Ad Account. View examples on Facebook!

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