IMOTO 360 Video Walkthrough

Date Online: 2022-12-13

What is the 360 Video Walkthrough, how does it work, and where can you use it?

Product Disclaimers: This product is only compatible on YouTube and Vimeo with current versions of Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, and Opera browsers. There may be minimal distortion due to the 360 nature of the video. YouTube automatically has resolution set to "Auto" - be sure to change your settings to the highest resolution of 4k. iPhone users must play the video using the YouTube or Vimeo app (download the YouTube app here or download the Vimeo app here).

What is the 360 Video Walkthrough?

The IMOTO 360 Walkthrough Video is a 2-minute immersive video. Viewers can easily interact with the video player and choose the directions they would like to view while the video plays and takes them through the property. The product is $99 and can currently be ordered as an add-on product or a la carte. 

Click Here to view an example of the product on YouTube 

For more info on how the video can be used, watch the tutorial video, or view FAQs below. 

How does the 360 Video Walkthrough Work?

The 360 Video Walkthrough is filmed with a special camera that captures footage from all angles. This allows the user to change the view from side-to-side and up-and-down as the video plays, essentially allowing the user to "look around" as they "walkthrough" the house. 

On a desktop: In order to change the view, the user must click the video and drag the mouse to turn the view of the camera. The user is able to interact with the video throughout the whole 2 minute production as the video plays. Alternatively, the user can stop the video and then click and drag to view different directions, if there is an area of the property the user wants to see more closely. 

On mobile: In order to change the view, the user can simply turn their phone from side-to-side and up-and-down. The view of the camera will follow the direction of the phone, much like your view would change if you turn your head.

Where can the 360 Video Walkthrough be used?

IMOTO delivers the 360 Video Walkthrough product in three formats:

1. YouTube Link: This is a link that is on IMOTO's YouTube channel. You are able to share this link with clients and buyers so that they can view the property. If the resolution of the video is poor, then adjust your quality settings (on bottom right of the video) for YouTube. YouTube adjusts the quality of videos based on the device being used and your internet connection. 

2. Mp4 File: While this is a normal video file, the video can ONLY be used on players that are compatible with the 360 technology. If you try to play the video through a non-360 player, the video will appear distorted. To use this video file, you can either upload it to your own YouTube channel, upload to Vimeo or upload it to Facebook. Please note that it can take up to 30 minutes for the video to fully process and apply the 360 effects and it may not be compatible with all mobile devices. 

3. IMOTO Virtual Tour: Your free IMOTO virtual tour (branded and unbranded versions) will contain your video embedded in the virtual tour. The 360 effect will work through your IMOTO virtual tour. View Example.

Note: If you would like to use the 360 Video Walkthrough on the MLS, you can include the link to your unbranded virtual tour. 

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