Facebook Marketing Ad Formats

Date Online: 2022-12-13

IMOTO's Facebook Marketing Product allows you to feature your listings through variety of ad formats.

When your order IMOTO's Facebook Marketing Product, you can get your listing in front of hundreds of potential buyers with just the click of a button! IMOTO does all the work for you by creating an informative and impactful Facebook advertisement that runs through IMOTO's Virtual Tour Facebook Page (bonus: it also runs on Instagram!). This product allows you to capitalize on social media advertisement even if you don't have a Facebook business account or any experience running social media ads. 

What does the Facebook ad link to? 

All IMOTO Facebook Marketing Ads will link directly to the IMOTO branded virtual tour (or the Premium Virtual Tour if you upgraded). This means that anyone who clicks on your ad, will be able to view your contact information (name, broker, email, and phone), as well as all of the listing details (price, description, square footage, beds, baths) and listing photos, floor plans, and videos. 

What information is included on the Facebook ad?

When you order the Facebook Marketing product, we will ask you to provide us with some listing information for the ad through a pop-up on the ordering page - More info on how to order here. The information that you include about your listing, as well as your contact information from your IMOTO account, will appear on your ad.

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What Photos/Videos are included on the Facebook ad?

Your ad display will depend on what products you order from IMOTO. 

Photo products:

If you only order photos, your ad will be displayed in a carousel format (see example below). The photos shown will depend on the number of photos you ordered. 

  • If you order Less than 20 photos: the first 10 photos from your shoot will be displayed (10 photos max)
  • If you order 20 or more photos: Every other photo from your shoot will be displayed (10 photos max)

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Your ad will appear on Facebook in the Desktop and Mobile view. It will also appear on Instagram. See below for an example of all three ad views.

FB Ad Examples-1

Video products:

If you order a Traditional Video or a Video Walkthrough (not compatible with the 360 Video Walkthrough), your video will be displayed in your Facebook Ad. Instead of the carousel format shown above, the video will be displayed as the ad creative. The video will automatically play as target viewers scroll through their Facebook and Instagram feeds. 

Photo Products + Video Products:

If you order both photos and video products, you will get two ads within your Facebook Marketing campaign. Both ad types will run and they will share the budget. (Please note, budget will be optimized based on clicks from your target audience)

Can I see my Facebook ad before it goes live?

You will not be able to view or make changes to your Facebook ad before it goes live. This is because the ad is not run through IMOTO's platform - it is run through the Facebook Ads Manager program. The ad is auto-created when your photos are released, using the information you provided while your created the order. However, please note, the IMOTO Marketing team IS reviewing and monitoring each ad - so kick your feet up and let the leads roll in!

Where can I view my ad after it is running?

To view a copy of the ad, please reach out to our customer service department at 888-316-8897 or contact@IMOTOphoto.com. We will be able to share a direct link to your ad, which can also be shared with your clients.

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